Fortnite Pick Up Lines to Impress your Crush


To succeed in Fortnite, players must use quick thinking and quick reflexes in order to stay one step ahead of their opponents. There are an estimated 125 million Fortnite gamers. If you and your crush both like playing online games, this is a great place to begin the relationship. If you and your date have the same interest, it will be much easier to start up a conversation about it. Here are a few clever and cute Fortnite pick-up lines to try out. These pickup lines may be funny and romantic at the same time, as they can be used on Tinder or other dating apps. Each pickup phrase is like a gold scar that will help you win the victory royale, therefore don't be scared to use these great amusing pick-up lines to win your crush in real life or in a game.

To try out on your crush, or just as a way to flirt with someone who enjoys the game, here are some Fortnite Pickup Lines. In this article, we have got you covered in this article. Many players have acquired new friends and companions as a result of playing this game. With these pick-up lines, you'll be able to talk like a pro while you're playing. Some of the time, we feel that there's someone on the team who's just too impressive. In order to get that pro-level player into our gameplay, we begin chatting with them. To get them to open up, you may use these lines as a starting point. All of the below pick-up lines are guaranteed to succeed, and they may also be used in other dating apps. Make your date laugh, cringe, or blush with these clever Fortnite Pickup Lines.

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Best Fortnite Pick Up Lines

We've compiled a list of completely unique but Funny Fortnite Pick Up Lines that can attract him/her into a full-fledged chat. From the below list, you will get Fortnite Pick Up Lines Reddit, Cringe Fortnite Pick Up Lines, Flirty Fortnite Pick Up Lines, Dirty Fortnite Pick Up Lines, Good Fortnite Pick Up Lines, and a lot more.

  1. Can I be your victory royale?
  2. I promise I ain’t no double-pump chump
  3. Come ride my big rocket and have a good time.
  4. Is your name Mire? Because I’m making you Moisty.
  5. Damn girl, I think that bush would be perfect for hiding in.
  6. Damn girl, you must be purple save.
  7. If you were a chest, I would loot you.
  8. Default dance repeatedly’
  9. A chug on those nice jugs of yours would be life-saving.
  10. Want me to Grease up your Grove tonight?

Cheesy Fortnite Pick Up Lines

  1. Do you have a jump pad? Cause I’ll jump right over to you.
  2. A Fortnite chest. A drawer. Your legs. These are the things I want to open up.
  3. Do you play Fortnite, I want you in my fort tonight
  4. Do you want to be lonely like a lonely lodge or all-action-like tilted towers?
  5. For you baby, I would do anything. Even drop my gold scar.
  6. Girl, are you legendary?
  7. Are you a Loot Pinata Cause I can smack you all night long?
  8. Have you ever been sprayed by a minigun?
  9. Hey baby, come ride my big rocket and have a good time.
  10. Are you purple save cause I’m checking you out.

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Dirty Fortnite Pick Up Lines

  1. I want to land on you baby.
  2. I’ll make you wet like a shield potion if you go out with me.
  3. Can I chug on your jugs?
  4. Can you drop the supply? Coz you have everything that I need.
  5. I do not need circles to get closer to you.
  6. You’d never be lonely lodge with me.
  7. I want to jump in your rift and show you a whole new world.
  8. Hey baby, come ride my big rocket and have a good time.
  9. You must be a chest because I feel this sudden urge to loot you.
  10. Want to Fortnite and chill?

Deep Fortnite Pick Up Lines

  1. Call Me Cupid Cause I Just Landed a Crossbow Shot to your Heart.
  2. I’d jump off a floating bus for you.
  3. I love you by Default!
  4. I wanna jump into your rift and show you a whole new world.
  5. You are a lifesaver, coz you revive my heart to love once again.
  6. Stay behind me sweetheart, you are a priority to me not victory royal.
  7. Get in the car, we should go on the long drive to the safe zone.
  8. I can explore your shifty with my clocktower.
  9. You are so saucy; you must be from Tomato Town.
  10. The only solo win I want is you.

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Funny Fortnite Pick Up Lines

  1. How many bucks to see your V
  2. I’ll show you how to have fun in a pleasant park
  3. Let's spend the night in my fort and have a pleasant time.         
  4. My towers tilt for you.
  5. Time to get some pump action.
  6. You have built into my heart.            
  7. I’ll be your duo queue tonight.
  8. Hey girl, Wanna play doubles?
  9. Are you a Loot Pinata?
  10. I would love to harvest your materials.

Our collection of Fortnite pickup lines is here for your enjoyment. To begin a meaningful conversation with your special someone, try using some of these pick-up lines from the game. These are only suggestions for pick-up lines; there is no guarantee that they will work. Even if you were unsuccessful with any of these pick-up lines for Fortnite, don't give up hope. There will be more chances to impress your sweetheart in the future. In addition, to Pick Up Lines and Quotes, you will also find Interesting Facts, Baby and Pet Care, Slogans, and much more on this page. This page also includes names from all across the world, representing a wide range of categories. So, stay connected with us for further updates @