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The Qur'an urges Muslim men and women to dress modestly, and some Muslim girls and women wear the hijab to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males. Hijabi women have more self-assurance because they know they are protected and valued in our society. Wearing the hijab is a religious act for some Muslim women, a sign of respect for God, and a symbol of their belief. By following Allah's command and covering their head, women express their faith in God and their obedience to His authority. The bond between God and that woman will become better and stronger. This article features the top Instagram quotes and captions related to the hijab. To read more, scroll down!

Instagram Islamic Hijab Quotes

The term hijab (Arabic حجاب‎) appears throughout the Quran. The word hijab has a variety of meanings in classical Arabic, but most commonly it describes a curtain or other sort of physical barrier. The term "hijab" really refers to how a Muslim woman might carry herself in public. Many of us still think of hijab as nothing more than covering one's head with a scarf, yet the discipline of hijab includes much more than that. One of the duties women have been given by Allah is to be protected like a precious jewel. It is a command from our Creator. Here are some relatable quotes that you may post on your social media accounts along with some sayings about hijabi culture. Use the hijab quotes and sayings below to come up with a clever hijab Instagram caption.

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Hijab Captions for Instagram:

The Hijab - "The Modest Wear," was ideally suited for our women so that they may become more devout Muslims and bring everyone else in closer proximity to Allah. If you are interested in Instagram Hijab Quotes, then you have come to the correct spot. Here, from the list that is provided below, you will be able to find a Quote about the Hijab, Arabic Quotes for Instagram, Muslimah Instagram Hijab Quotes, and more.

  1. “Hijab is Faith, not Fashion.”
  2. “Hijab is the veil that has to be drawn over our body. our behavior and our speech.”
  3. Beauty is like a book it can not be judged by its cover.
  4. Hijab, because you’re right. Hijab is our right.
  5. “Boys with beards and girls with hijab are the best Combination Ever.”
  6. Don't Let Society Define You.
  7. It’s not just a HIJAB it's our key to JANNAH
  8. To some, I May appear religious. But personally, I’m Nowhere near where I want myself to be.
  9. Dear Sisters! Cover Yourself! Feel Proud Of Your Muslim Identity.
  10. No matter what stage you are on, It all counts for Allah! At least you are trying!

Beautiful Muslim Hijab Quotes and Sayings:

  1. Islam has raised the status of the woman so high, that heaven lies beneath her feet.
  2. You may not be a fairytale princess, but you are always a princess of Islam.
  3. You only see what I allow you to see now That’s Freedom.
  4. HIJAB, It’s the blessing of Allah and a gift to a Woman.
  5. Hijab is not about oppression but freedom from evil eyes.
  6. Your Hijab is your Strength and your Obedience to Allah.
  7. Don’t let your last day on earth be the first day you wear a hijab.
  8. It’s never late to become a better Muslimah.
  9. Be like a diamond precious and rare, not like a stone found everywhere.
  10. “If a Woman has the right to show what she has, then she also has the right to cover it up too.”

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Classy Modest Hijab Quotes:

  1. You are a modest queen, that knows her true worth by keeping her modest heart secure with shyness.
  2. “Don’t Let Society Define You”
  3. “Hijab is beautiful, so make it look beautiful, wear it with love, wear it with pride, and most of all wear it Right.”
  4. It is better to lose something for the almighty than to lose the almighty for something.
  5. Every time you wear the hijab remember you are wearing an ayah of The Quran.
  6. How beautiful to remain a mystery in a world of people who have nothing left to hide.
  7. No matter what stage you are on, it all counts for Allah! At least you are trying!
  8. “If Modernism is being naked then animals are more modern than humans”_ Dr. Zakir Naik
  9. Your Hijab is a barrier that blocks so much negativity coming your way.
  10. Yes, it’s HOT, it’s HARD, It’s Different, But I LOVE wearing it…

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