Persian Cat Names

However, Persian cats need a lot of care and attention, but in exchange; they are incredibly loving, sociable, and loyal companions. Because of these qualities, they are a good choice for families. The most famous Persian cats are the ones we see on Television: puffy, royal, and the purest white. They are known for their luscious long hair and beautiful, small noses. The term "Persian cat" conjures up visions of a gorgeous, attractive, and elegant feline that may need a great deal of attention and maintenance. If you’re searching for Unique Names for Persian cats, you’re in a right place, here from the list below, you will get Persian Cat Male Names, Persian Cat Names Female, White Persian Cat Names, Black Persian Cat Names, and a lot more. You can also wish to list your favorite names if desired.

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Abby Ace Adam
Aladdin Alaska Amber
Angel Anubis Aqua
Aquamarine Arctic Arrow
Ash Autumn Avalanche
Babe Baby Bear
Bijan Bitsy Blas
Blizzard Blue Boo
Buddy Bullet Buttercup
Callie Caramel Cassidy
Chaos Chewbacca Cid
Coal Cocoa Cookie
Copper Cosmo Cotton
Crystal Cutie Cutie-Pie
Dante Darcy Diego
Dolly Duke Eden
Edward Elvis Emerald
Espresso Evie Feathers
Feisty Fiona Flash
Flour Fluff Fluff Ball
Fluffy Frost Frostbite
Furby Furry Fuzz
Garfield Gary Gem
George Ghost Ginger
Gold Hamid Hank
Hans Harry Harvest
Havoc Hercules Hershey
Hocus Pocus Hunter Hurricane
Inky Itsy Ivory
Jade Jaguar James
Jet Jewel Jueanu
Kiki King Kitty
Lapiz Leaf Leo
Lexi Licorice Lightning
Lila Lilac Lilly
Little Lulu Luna
Luxor Magic Martin
Merlin Midnight Milo
Mini Mischief Missy
Mister Misty Mocha
Molly Mr. Jinx Nemo
Nero Ninja Nugget
Oatie Ocean October
Oliver Ollie Opal
Oscar Owen Panda
Patches Peanut Pebble
Pebbles Penny Peral
Phantom Pharaoh Philo
Pouff Pounce Prince
Princess Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie
Queen Queenie Radar
Raven Ray Reeses
Rocky Rose Rosie
Rumble Sam Sapphire
Shadow Simba Sky
Smoke Smokey Snickers
Snow White Snowball Snowey
Snowflake Socks Sparkle
Speckles Stella Stormy
Suki Sweetie Sylvester
Taffy Taz Teddy
Tiny Titan Tornado
Tortoise Trickster Trixie
Trouble Twisty Violet
Water Whisper Win
Winter Wizard Zenon
Ziggy Zippy
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