Pirate Parrot Names

A parrot is the iconic symbol of pirates in the public's view. They constantly seem to be squawking orders or whistling over the pirate's shoulder in fiction. Today, it's common to see a pirate portrayed with a parrot perched on his shoulder. The movies and books have been quite successful; thus this has happened. Since pirates are frequently shown in media with a parrot of their own, they provide a rich source of possible names for parrots. To help you, in this article, we have listed, Famous Pirate Parrot Names, Good Pirate Parrot Names, Pirate Bird Names, and a lot more. We hope you will come up with a special name for your parrot. You can also wish list your favorite Names if desired.

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Ace Admiral Ahoy
Atlantis Augustus Azure
Bandit Barbosa Barnacle
Bart Bartholomew Bellamy
Bilge Rat Black Beard Blade
Bones Bootstrap Booty
Brave Buccaneer Bucko
Buddy Butcher Calico Jack
Cannon Captain Clawbeak Captain Flint
Captain Morgan Cap’n Crunch Caspian
Castor Cedric Coal
Coral Crabbe Crabby
Crackers Crawford Cutlass
Danny Davy Jones Dax
Deranged Diego Doubloon
Drake Echo Fawkes
Fiji Finn Finnigan
Fish FishMonger Fluke
Flyer Flynn Galen
Glider Glory Gold Tooth
Goldheart Grampus Greybeard
Hawk Henry Hook
Hook-Hand Hudson Hugo
Ivan Jack Daniels Jack Sparrow
Jagger James Jewel
Johann John Winters Jolly Rancher
Jolly Roger Journey Jude
Kasper Ketch Kiwi
Krusty Krab Landlubber Largo
Lazyjacks Leo Little Foot
Lobster Long John Silver Lorcan
Lysander Macaw Mango
Marbles Matey Max
McCoy McKraken Mr. Smee
Mullins Mutiny Nemo
Neptune Nico Nightwind
Nikolai Ocean One-Tooth
Oscar Paco Pandora
Papaya Parley Pascal
Patches Patchy Paulie
Peach Pepper Percy
Pero Peru Peter Pan
Petey Phoenix Picaroon
Pietra Pilot Pippin
Pirate Plank Puffypants
Pugwash Raider Ramsay
Rapscallion Rascal Rattlebones
Rattler Red Beard Reed
Remi Rett Rico
Rio Rocky Ronan
Rufus Rum Rummy
Sailor Salty Scallywag
Scout Scurvy Scuttle
Sea Legs Seadog Seeley
Shadow Shark-Fin Sharkbait
Sharky Ship Shivers
Silver Hook Silver Tongue Sinker
Skully Skye Smee
Spike Starky Stash
Strumpet Sunny Sushi
Sutton Swashbuckler Sylvester
Talon Tango Tarian
Tew Thane Thelonius
Thor Thoreau Toothless
Topaz Treasure Tweety
Voodoo Wacky Wade
Whiskey Wingham
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