Spotted Horse Names

Horses with spotty coats are so regal-looking that they were often given as gifts to royal families. Horses with spots have been shown in ancient cave paintings throughout Europe. Horses with spots on their skin can be found in a variety of breeds. Of course, many of us know about Appaloosa horses. The spotty coats and molted skin of these horses are the most well-known features. When it comes to finding an appropriate name, go no further than this list. Following is a list of some of our favorite horse names for those horse owners who have spotted horses. Here from the below list, you will get Names for Spotted Horse, Black, Brown, White Spotted Horse Names, Appaloosa Horse Names, and a lot more. You can also wish to list your favorite Names if desired. We hope you'll come up with a unique name for your horse.

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Adonis Aelius Aleece
Alegria Angela Apache
Apollo Arion Artemis
Ashley Astarte Athena
Atlas Ayaan Aysha
Baby Blanket Back Splatter Badar
Badger Bellatrix Benny
Bingo Blanket Hog Blemish
Blotch Brice Bryce
Bubbles Carlos Carola
Castor Celestina Checker
Checkered Checkers Cheerios
Chips Chocolate Chips Cinamon
Cinder Comet Confetti
Confetti King Copper Cosmos
Count Hot Spot Cyntia Daisy
Dakota Dallas Damien
Dapple Dara Dazzler
Dice Domino Donato
Doris Dot Dot Dash
Dots Dotstream Dotted My Eyes
Dotty Drizzle Earlena
Emerald Eos Epona
Estella Fancy Pants Fawn
Freckled Francine Freckles Galaxy
Galaxy Cruiser Galexia Garfield
Gemini Genet Geonimo
German Great Red Spot Haleb
Harlequin Romance Harley Hermes
Hindsight Hoku Holmes
Hot Spot I Spotted You In the Spotlight
Iris Jamaal Jasmeen
Jasmine Jelly Beans Jester
Johnny On The Spot Jokers Wild Jot the dot
Juliet Juno Justino
Kiko Leo Leonel
Libera Libra Luck Charms
Luna Marble Marble Cake
Mark Mercury Merle
Micky Minnie Molly
Mona Monica Montae
Monte Moris Navajo
Neil Nevio Nina
Nova Nutmeg Oliverio
Oreo Orion Orlondo
Pablo Paco Paint Brush
Paint Canvas Paloma Patches
Patricia Pebbles Pegasus
Pepper Phobos Phoebe
Phoebus Pia Pinto
Polka Polka Dot Polka Dot Prince
Rainbow Random Raymon
Razzle Rear Admiral Ricardo
Ringo Sable Sagittarius
Salt and Pepper Samman Scout
Security Blanket Seren Sidra
Simona Sir Spot A Lot Sirius
Skittles Smores Snickers
Snow Speckles Spice
Spice Cake Splatter Spot
Spot On Spotlight Spotted Eagle
Sprinkles Stardust Stipple
Strudel Sundae Tartarus
Teodor Tia Tic Tac
Tierra True Colors Tux
Vanesa Whiskey X Marks the Spot
X Marks The Spot Zahir
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